Globalization of supply chain practice and outsourcing of logistics services have given tremendous advantage to organizations across vertical industries, enabling them to focus on their core competency. However, this has introduced new challenges in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to supply chain events.

BrizSolution is a Logistics solutions have gained wide acceptance with extensive use of material handling equipment, Barcode, RFID, GPS, handheld devices and mobile applications, and cloud technology.

N4 Integration

  • Integration with customer Gate appointment and data analyticssystems
  • Integration with third party applications using message queues and N4 web services
  • Integration with Customer databases forexchanging data from N4 to other systems

N4 Testing

  • Review of N4 scope and requirements
  • Test scenario identification anddocumentation
  • Test case and data development
  • Functional test case execution
  • Integration test execution
  • System test execution

N4 Customization

  • Customize different terminal workflows perneeds
  • Gate operations
  • Billing related
  • Vessel operations
  • ED

N4 EDI and Reporting

  • EDI operations customization for EDIs such as BAPLIE , COPARN, COPRAR, CODECO, CORARI
  • EDIas Email attachments
  • EDI additional validations
  • 309 Manifest


BrizSolution extensive experience helps customize your existing Navis SPARCS N4 System per your needs, by providing the following services in the most cost-effective way:

  • N4 customization and extensions using industry best practices at optimal cost
  • Enhanced automation of the terminaloperation using N4 integration expertise
  • Increased visibility and intelligence of terminal operations using N4 custom reports
  • Increased uptime by deploying well-tested software and its extension using automated test suites
  • Guaranteed performance by measuring and tuning thesystem in advance of the increased load