AEM Training

Adobe Experience Manager Training

We have an experienced pool of AEM trainers, who can quickly adapt to different training needs. These trainers have practical hands on experience of working on large Adobe CQ5/AEM projects. They are capable of changing their training style to suit the audience.

Adobe Experience Manager optimizes the authoring, management and delivery of digital media and content across owned channels, including Web, mobile, email, print and social communities, to brand and drive demand.

Available Training Programs:

AEM Author Training

This course is for all the users of Adobe AEM including administrators, authors and developers. After completion of this program, trainees will be able to create new pages for websites and mobile sites using different existing templates.

AEM Developer Training

This training program for developers having minimum two years of experience in web development and who are willing to learn application development using WCM platform of AEM, also known as CQ5. They should also have worked with JavaScript, JSP, Java-preferred OOP.

AEM Advanced Developer Training

This course intended for developers who have attended the basic AEM Developer Training and having experience in basic AEM application development as well as Java coding. After completion of this course, developers will be able to custom build the components and templates.

AEM Admin Training

This training program is for system administrators having experience with Adobe AEM platform and a good understanding of Java, HTTP protocol, networking, XML, network design. After the course, Administrators will be able to setup AEM, administer the environment.

AEM Assets Training

The Adobe AEM Assets training program is for developers who have completed the basic CQ5 developer training course or having relevant experience. This program enables developers to gain skills and knowledge to manage the Adobe AEM Assets tool.