About company

BrizSolution Technologies, is a leading provider of solutions, services and support to programs related to quality Software development & End-to-End software platform management. SBT is today, a mature and fast growing company committed to providing reliable and cost-effective I.T. solutions to organizations globally. Emphasis on quality, world-class human resources and cutting BrizSolution solutions drive its commitment. With a successful track record of serving the most demanding customers, SBT can bring you the benefits of working with a partner with software skills, Service Platform expertise, project management experience and domain knowledge BrizSolution in every aspect of Information Technology.

• SBT develops IT solutions, underlined by innovation and value creation that impact and redefines the businesses processes.

• SBT takes pride in its philosophy of 'Customers First' which empowers our Employees to create a real value for the customers.

• Our continuous development and training programs ensure that we are always positioned to provide our Valued customers a wide range of high quality services, using the latest tools and technology.

• We are focused on complete reliability models of project execution and management .We offer a complete turnaround for any project we undertake, backed by comprehensive management planning and supervision.

  • We provide awesomness!